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Gluten Free Food Storage – How Much Will It Cost? April 16, 2009

Let’s say you are ready to get your basic food storage together. How much is it going to cost you? Read on, I figured it out for you.

  • Long Grain White Rice (300 lbs), 6-50 lb bags ($35.63 each); $213.78 (0.71 per pound, Blue Chip Group)
  • Pinto Beans (60 lbs*), 2-25 lb bags ($24.01 each), +10 lbs*; $57.62 (0.96 per pound, Blue Chip Group)
  • Bakers Fine Granulated Sugar (60 lbs*), 1-50 lb bag ($31.62 each), +10 lbs*; $37.95 (0.63 per pound, BCG)
  • Morning Moo’s Dry Milk (16 lbs), 8-2 lb bags ($5 each); $40 ($2.50 per pound, BCG)
  • Iodized Salt (8 lbs), 8-1 lb cans (0.33 each), $2.64 (0.33 per pound, Walmart)
  • Canola Oil (10 Quarts), 2-1.25 gal jugs($14.38 each), $28.76 (0.09 per oz., BCG)

Total $380.75. If you budget $32 per month for 1 year, at the end of that time you will have enough to purchase your 1-year GF Food Storage for one person (or 3-month supply for 4 people). Please note the prices quoted here are not the cheapest prices for these items. Buy these items on sale and you could save a ton of cash.

Another thing to note is that if you live off this food for a whole year, you are never going to want to see or even smell rice and beans ever again. So before you buy these items, consider the wisdom of variety and check out the Inventory Sheet at the Deals to Meals website. It may make living off your food storage a lot more pleasant.

*Packaging size does not add up to the total amount necessary.


One Response to “Gluten Free Food Storage – How Much Will It Cost?”

  1. Christina Says:

    Thank you so much for this, currently my food storage is full of wheat. I’m glad to know that it won’t be too expensive to make it gluten free.

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