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What I feed my Dogs February 5, 2009

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What do you feed your dog?

Did you know there is such a thing as a Gluten-Free dog food? Dogs cannot digest wheat or corn, two of the main ingredients in cheap dog food. Dogs get absolutely no nutrition from these grains. Indigestible grains only serve to make food cheaper to produce. This deprives dogs of actual nutrition. Dogs will ingest more food to get the nutrients they need, this makes dogs go through their food faster (which is what the pet food producers want) and makes the dog’s stools larger.

If you want your dog to eat healthier, and make smaller poops, you need to feed them a dog food that does not contain any fillers. You can find such a food at some Walmart locations. But only one of the foods they carry fits this criteria. It’s called Natural Life: Adult Lamaderm Lamb Protein & Rice Dog Food and it runs a little over $1/lb for the 20 lb bag.

I’ve had my dogs on Lamaderm since Canidae reformulated last year. Two of the five Walmart locations in my area carry Lamaderm. So it’s easy to pick up. But don’t be fooled! The Natural Life Chicken and Puppy formulas both contain fillers, so don’t buy them.

If you don’t shop at Walmart, you can still find healthy dog foods at pet specialty stores, but make sure you read the labels. And even if a food does not contain fillers now, you want to check every so often to make sure it has not been reformulated. (Canidae was recently reformulated, they added corn to make it less expensive to produce.)

If you feed your dog canned wet food, Merrick makes some great products. The gravy is enriched with all the vitamins dogs need to stay healthy. Some of my favorites are Smothered Comfort – contains real blueberries; Puppy Plate – great for finicky new mommies and weening puppies; and Wingaling – which contains whole chicken wings slow cooked until the bones will dissolve in your dogs mouth. Each 13 oz can runs about the same price as a can of ready-to-eat soup. I do not recommend Merricks dry foods, they contain fillers.

If you remember the pet food recall a couple years back, it may interest you to note that it was melamine contamination in the corn that made the dogs sick. That’s just one more reason to stick to filler-free foods.

I hope you have found my ranting helpful. Feel free to ask me any questions about caring for your pet. If I cannot answer them, I can always refer you to my husband, the expert.


A Puppy Saves A Life January 28, 2009

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I read the coolest story yesterday. It goes:

A woman at church told of her experience with their first dog. They got this puppy and when it was a few months old, they brought it in for its shots. They took the dog home, and it was whining and acting funny. Finally, they realized it was having an allergic reaction to the vaccination. They rushed it to the vet where it almost died.

Well, they still had more shots in the series, and their apartment manager said they had to have the dog fully vaccinated or it had to go. In the end they got the rest of the shots, and as a precaution the vet gave them a handful of epi-pens just in case. At the time their dog weighed 13 pounds.

The woman said she often felt like it was so unfair. Millions of people own dogs without having so many problems. She felt like it was a horrible trial until the next year when she had her first baby. As she started introducing new foods, she fed her young daughter mac and cheese. The baby started rubbing her eyes and acting fussy so she thought she was tired and put her down for a nap. Soon after she realized it was too quiet and ran in to check on the baby. Her little girl was swollen and having difficulty breathing….

Read the rest at A Puppy Saves A Life.