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One More Dietary Hurdle May 30, 2009

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My readers may remember that our family is living with my in-laws, and they are helping to support us financially as we sell our house to pay off some bad business debt.

My husband and daughter are on the Gluten Free diet for Celiac Disease and possible gluten intolerance, respectively. I am lactose intolerant. My mother-in-law is following the HGH diet for 40 days beginning Monday to shed some stubborn pounds. Ideologically, I am against fad diets because I think they are bad for your health. But I am also overweight, and that isn’t healthy either. I want to be supportive of her new eating regimen.

That being said, HGH is super strict about what you can and cannot eat (no carrots!) so I tried to google some recipes to make for her. I’m having trouble finding them. So as I do, I will be adding recipes here. It looks like I will be adapting Vegan recipes to fit her diet.

Incidentally, I will be dieting for the next 40 days. I’d like to say I’m doing it to be supportive, but as I mentioned, I could stand to lose the weight. Also, if I am making all these yummy veggies, I am going to eat them too.


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