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Coming Through a Fog May 23, 2009

Filed under: About the Author — seekthesethings @ 3:40 pm

Psychologists note that writers suffer from a higher-than-normal incidence of depression. I have depression. I am coming off a really low low right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never attempted suicide, nor would I ever- I have too much to live for. When Iget low I shut down, I stop writing, or doing much of anything else. I do turn inside myself and I try to read more. Reading keeps me connected to the world without feeling like I am being judged by anyone but my Savior and myself.

I take a very low dose of medication, serotonin uptake inhibitors. They help. I respond very well to medication. But I read an article once about how most people with depression are able to go off their meds after a year and their brain has adjusted to whatever and they are cured. But not me. When I try to be “normal,” without medication, I slowly get worse and worse.

So, I am taking my medicine again, and writing again. Thank you for your patience during my down time.



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