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Product Review: Amber Lyn Fine Imported Chocolates March 21, 2009

Amber Lyn Fine Imported Chocolates are labeled Gluten Free. But are they really? The first ingredient, maltitol, is derived from wheat.

But first, a tangent about labeling. These chocolates are not imported, they are made in St George, Utah. Maltitol manufactured in the US is supposedly made from corn, so we can assume this maltitol was manufactured overseas. But that doesn’ make the chocolate “imported”. Last time I checked, no duties or tariffs were charged between St. George and Salt Lake. If we cannot trust that these chocolates are “imported” can we trust that they are gluten free?

According to their website we can. It reads, “All of our chocolate bars are gluten free. Although our Maltitol is derived from wheat, the gluten is extracted through the process of washing out the starch in the wheat. We use specific procedures of cleanliness to ensure there is no cross contamination between our truffles and the chocolate bars.”

That being said, I noticed on the website that persons having trouble with gluten often have trouble with sugar alcohol as well. If you decide to try this chocolate, proceed with caution until you know how your body will react to the laxative effect the maltitol may have on your system.

Because my system had a severe reaction to the maltitol, I have sworn off this stuff. But C. –he’s the one with celiac in our family– continues to eat it without any of the reactions I had to it. He told me he gets only  a little gurgle in his stomach, presumably from the maltitol.

Have you had a reaction to maltitol derived from wheat? Leave a comment and tell me about your experience.


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