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Rhea Jensen Novels – Book Series Review February 28, 2009

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Rhea Jensen Novels

  • by Sheralyn Pratt
  • self-published by Spectrum Books
  • 3 volumes, trade paperback (4th volume available only in PDF e-book format)

The Rhea Jensen novels are a series of fun mysteries with a Mormon audience in mind. Jensen is a great story teller and you will be engrossed enough in what is going on to ignore the prevalent syntax errors where two ways of saying the same thing get muddled into one sentence and were not corrected by an editor before printing. This flaw (ie: lack of sufficient editing) is most blatant in the second book where Rhea mentions that the stalker has access to the victims medical records 2 chapters before she decodes the message that reveals that the stalker has accessed the victims medical records.

Pratt weaves a great mystery and it is often difficult to tell where the case is going. Personal relationships (friendships and dating) abound in all the books. While they are easy to follow because they so closely resemble relationships in real life, it it that same true-to-life aspect that introduces suspense when the chords that bind the characters to one another are plucked.

This is a great series with great stories and great characters and I hope Pratt is able to print additional Rhea Jensen novels.

Spies, Lies & a Pair of Ties (2003)

  • 213 pages
  • $13.95 USD

Introduces our protagonist, Rhea Jensen. Trained in journalism, Rhea uses her unique talents, including a gut feeling that never leads her astray, to solve the cases no one else can touch, and she makes it all look so easy! However, this flawed female is hopelessly pining after her high school sweetheart/best guy friend. She competes withher best gal pal, the hottest reporter in the city, by tagging one another with career boosting news stories or leads that crack difficult cases wide open.

In this novel Rhea goes about finding the employee who embezzled 200K from Jock Stock. Will she forfeit her life to catch the villain?

Welcome to Stalk Lake City (2004)

  • 285 pages
  • $14.95 USD

Someone is stalking a well-known Salt Lake City anchorwoman. While on an extended vacation in Utah, recovering from her recent near-death experience, Rhea is compelled to take the case, as a favor to her friend Kay. This guy has had police detectives baffled for nearly a year, and Rhea will have to use all her skills to track him. But will she be able to overcome her new self-imposed limits on who she “should” be to save this anchorwoman’s life?

Idle Playgrounds (2005)

  • 239 pages
  • $14.95 USD

Back in Utah, Rhea is targeted by a secret society. Would they kill her and everyone she loves to keep their secret safe?

In this book Kay tells Rhea to reveal to her boyfriend how the two girls “met in college”. But Pratt doesn’t go into the details in this book. I assume that is included in book 4.

Kay’s Story

Is an online e-book (in PDF format). I haven’t read it yet. You can buy it from the author’s website for $7.50 USD (click the link above). I think the author should consider a new title for this one, it’s not nearly as catchy as the others.


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