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Hit the Road – Book Review February 20, 2009

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Hit the Road

  • by Caroline B Cooney
  • published by Delacorte Press (hardcover), Laurel Leaf (paperback & ebook), website: Random House
  • 192 pages
  • US $15.95 / CAN $21, hardcover; US $6.50, paperback & ebook

Sixteen-year-old Brit is compelled by her grandmother, Nannie, to participate in a senior kidnapping so that Nannie may attend a college reunion with her college roommates. When one of “the girl’s” violent adult sons learns his mother has been removed from the Nursing Home he has bribed to drug her and make her incompetent, a suspenseful pursuit ensues across state lines.

This book discuses some great issues. Often Brit’s new freedoms, a driver’s licence, making her own decisions, are contrasted with the older ladies losing theirs. Because these freedoms are so new to Brit, she is acutely aware of the pain it causes the older women when their grown children intrude into their lives– sometimes with pure motives, and other times with covetous greed.

The story ends abruptly, like the author ran out of pages to fill. It’s hard for the reader to believe that the villian which so doggedly persuied his runaway mother would roll over in submission once she got the tiniest bit of leverage against him.

But I liked the book. I think most girls who has reached a certain level of maturity (middle school, jr. high), when they have been given some new freedoms from their parents, would be able to relate to the main characters feelings and would enjoy the book too.


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