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Kevin Kirk Chronicles – Book Series Review February 19, 2009

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Kevin Kirk Chronicles

  • by Patricia Wiles
  • published by Covenant
  • 4 volumes, paperback

One thing I love about this series is that the conflict faced by the antagonist is always mirrored in the life of the protagonist, Kevin, and often in the lives of the supporting characters as well. All books are written in the first person. I think girls would enjoy this series more than boys. Although the protagonist is male, the female writer uses a feminine voice at times (ex: when describing wedding details, what kind of dress she was wearing, what color it was, what it was made of). The books should be read in order to fully appreciate the dynamics of the family. Wiles has a great sense of humor and you really feel for her characters.

My Mom’s a Mortician

  • 249 pages
  • $7.95 USA
  • out of print

Twelve- year-old Kevin Andrew Kirk is uprooted when his mortician parents buy a funeral home in another state. Faced with death for the first time in his life, Kevin searches for answers and finds them. Readers are confronted with themes of death, physical child abuse, and visions of ghosts.

Funeral Home Evenings

  • 241 pages
  • $8.95 USA
  • also available as an Audio CD Book
  • out of print

Now in eighth grade, Kevin makes new friends and learns humility by facing his trials, including death, jealousy, and racial prejudice.

Early-Morning Cemetery

  • 243 pages
  • $8.95 USA
  • out of print

In the ninth grade, Kevin is terrorized by Marcy’s birth mother, who has returned to claim her inheritance. Kevin learns the value of Character.  Some plot holes. Themes include lying, religious bigotry, and emotional child abuse.

The Final Farewell

  • 246 pages
  • $7.95 USA

Now a Senior in high school, Kevin must embrace Integrity while dealing with getting dumped at the homecoming dance, immodesty, religious intolerance, and a natural disaster.


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