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Meet Your Match – Book Review February 7, 2009

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Meet Your Match

  • By Stephanie Fowers
  • Published by Covenant
  • 303 pages, softcover
  • $15.95

Characteristic of Fowers voice, the personality of the main character screams off the page of this LDS Romance, a simple love story that ends with a kiss and an engagement.

There are two absolutely great lines in this book, which is why I decided to review it. The first is a quote about Charity from a German Proverb:

  • Charity sees the need, not the cause.

Each chapter begins with a quote on Charity. It’s fun to take a moment and reflect on these quotes between being caught up in the singles ward drama. Charity is also the character name of the ward Relief Society President.

The second line I loved is “You realize of course that according to Shakespeare and every chic flick in existence, we should be going to this fireside together.” I won’t tell you who said that to whom, it might ruin the ending.

I am raising the big red flag to anyone not familiar with the lingo of the Latter-Day Saint audience. Even I had trouble with it. I appreciate that Fowers begins the novel with the “Singles Ward Dictionary” which explained to me that the squirrelly girl was the heart-breaker, not the homeliest girl in the ward.

A good message included in the book is that every person is beautiful to someone else, it just may not be the someone they had planned on.

This is an easy read, and if you can stand the obliviousness of the main character, so wrapped up in her own drama that she doesn’t see the needs and plots of others around her, you’ll like this book.


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