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Dear Jane Austen – Book Review February 7, 2009

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Dear Jane Austen: A Heroine’s guide to Life and Love

  • By Patrice Hannon
  • Published by Penguin
  • 176 pages, paperback and e-book
  • USA $12.00

Dear Jane Austen: A heroine’s guide to Life and Love reads like an imaginative term paper. It is full of literary insight and examples from Austen’s collective works to support Hannon’s main tenants. While the style makes this a somewhat dry read, Hannon succeeds in infusing the book with Austen’s stylized wit.

Unlike Austen’s novels, narrated from the third person point of view, this book is narrated from the first person, in Jane Austen’s own voice. In this fantastic tale, Jane answers letters from 21st century women, giving them advise on being proper Austen heroines today.

While the book itself may not appeal to the masses, the 23 “Saysisms”, or Heroine lessons, embodied therein are essential for every modern Heroine. Here are some examples.

Jane Austen Says:

  • When a Heroine is satisfied that she has exercised judgement with clear vision, moral principle and common sense, she need not acquiesce to opposing viewpoints.
  • A Heroine needs good friends as much as she needs a Hero.
  • A Heroine seeking marriage does not live with a Hero until he is her husband.
  • In a good marriage, husband and wife bring out the best in each other.

It is my hope that Hannon and Penguin extend the reach of these “Saysisms” by creating a coffee-table book where each -ism is illistrated by a piece of beautiful artwork celebrating the stories of Jane Austen. That book would make a beautiful gift for any Jane Austen fan.


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