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Rapunzel’s Revenge – Book Review January 28, 2009

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Rapunzel’s Revenge

  • by Shannon and Dean Hale
  • Illustrated by Nathan Hale
  • published by Bloomsbury – Sept 2008
  • 144 pages, paperback
  • $14.99
  • Ages 10-14

Shannon Hale’s latest revisionist fairy tale is just okay. Adults will like the similarity to the classic fairy tale, the strong female character / super hero / role model, the artwork, and the humor. However, if you are a tween girl, who doesn’t mind a western theme, you will love this book.

This graphic novel has all the elements of a standard novel, except that it leaves out all the description. Readers will glean that from the artwork, which is very well done. (One critic called it a h*** of a debut.)

This is the Hale’s first graphic novel, but there is a sequel to Rapunzel’s Revenge in the works. Similar to Shannon Hale’s other novels, in Rapunzel’s Revenge, Hale manages to make the reader entirely forget the original fairy tale this story is based on. But this tale doesn’t hold a candle to Book of a Thousand Days — Hale’s best revisionist story in my opinion.

There is no objectionable language in this tale. It’s strange that Rapunzel tries to lasso a nearby tree rather than rappel down the one she is trapped in. The action gets lost in the jackalope scene, you’ll see what I mean. I found the woman in Pig Tree Gulch depressing. After Rapunzel suggests she move to greener pasture, she tells Rapunzel with her arms wrapped around three kids that she has given up and that she will face whatever comes. I don’t see any mother, given the opportunity to start over saying, “Nah, we’ll stay here and starve.”

True to its fairy tale roots, Rapunzel’s Revenge does have a happy ending, and a bit of romance. I’m looking forward to the sequel.


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