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Accidental Gluten Exposure January 8, 2009

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Once again, we are dealing with an accidental gluten exposure at our house. I believe this is the third time in two weeks. We cannot figure out where the gluten is coming from. I look forward to having a gluten free kitchen again.

Looking for others experiences dealing with accidental gluten exposure (I wanted someone to commiserate with) I found a nifty link that details Celiac Disease and most of the necessary precautions educators can to make to protect a GF child’s environment:

Model Section 504 Plan

I hope you find this information useful for your GF situation.


2 Responses to “Accidental Gluten Exposure”

  1. speakrelief Says:

    I’ll commiserate! I have a gluten free kitchen, but I had to stop getting takeout about a month ago after an accidental exposure (even after we checked the ingredients in everything).

    Also, have you seen that series of articles from the Chicago Tribune from December? They didn 2 or 3 articles about food allergies and sent supposedly GF foods to a lab, and a bunch of them tested positive for gluten. The ones I remember were Quaker Oats and ShaSha’s Ginger Snaps, but there were others, too.

  2. seekthesethings Says:

    We found the culprit, it was the Prego spaghetti sauce. All varieties are now cross-contaminated during production.

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