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life: lifestyle salon and spa October 23, 2008

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Maybe you have seen the comedy show Still Standing where husband and wife Bill and Judy Miller argue over who gets to keep Gary, the hairdresser, played by David Hasselhoff. They decide to cut cards, high card wins, with two of Bill’s poker buddies as witnesses. Losing, dejected Judy says, “tell ’em what you won Bill.” Excited he answers, “A hairdresser named Gary!”

Jennifer Harper, co-owner of the life: lifestyle salon and spa delievers an experience worth feuding over. She exhibits three characteristics I believe are crucial in her line of work. First, she makes you feel comfortable. Second, she uses and sells only the highest quality products. And finally, she makes sure her workplace has a positive atmosphere.

The Life salonspa opened in The District Shopping Center in South Jordan a little more than a month ago. Their Grand Opening event will be Saturday, November 15th, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, and of course, they will have great deals to welcome their new customers.

The first thing you notice when you arrive at Life is the hair and nail salon across the street. Don’t be confused! Life is on the East side of District Main Drive, and they don’t offer nail services. Inside you will feel a distinct urban chic atmosphere.  The whole experience is best described on their website: We are cutting edge, but without a cutting edge ego. Walking in, I was greeted and offered a tour. The mani-pedi area feels like a relaxing sauna. They have a private couples massage area that can be divided for singles. The warm soft lighting adds great ambiance to that room. They have an open area for facials and salon services. The full line of Aveda products are available in the front of the store. There is no place to sit if you are waiting for an appointment. You get to browse the merchandise. A front table, which is too close to the door messes up the flow of the entryway.

While waiting for my appointment I was offered a cup of tea. During my consultation, Jennifer got an idea of what I wanted done to my tired mommy hair. She began my weave taking special care with the hair framing my face to make it look as natural as I wanted it to. And she was fast. It felt like no time before I was washed and rinced, dried and styled, and on my way.

Jennifer is the kind of person who draws you out of yourself. Unlike most people I’ve met in the service or sales industry, she doesn’t talk your ear off with tales of her grandma’s-brother’s-cousin’s-neighbor. She asked me what was on my mind. It was refreshing, very Gary-like. I asked her about the design concept for the salonspa. This entrapaneur is multi-talented, she told me “It turned out just like I imagined it”. Don’t expect to hear back-biting comments at this establishment. Negativity is not tolerated, and staff who indulge in bad manners are let go.

One of the great things about an Aveda salon is all the Sensory Ritualsyou are indulged with. I got a neck and shoulder massage with Beautifying Composition. Great stuff that. A hand massage, a refreshing toner and eye-cream application, and a make-up touch-up.

Time Elapsed: 2 hrs 40 min; Expense: less than $140 (including tip and a couple products).

Visit the life: lifestyle salon and spa for your next pampering session. View their PDF menu of services, and call them at 801-727-2600, or add yourself to their promotions mailing list. Seriously, do it now, so you’ll get the info on the deals they are offering for the Twilight Premier Party.

Shout Out to my GF Readers: The Aveda Be Curley Shampoo contains Wheat Protien. Avoid it if you have Dermatitis Herpetiformis(DM).


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